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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how I collect, process, use, communicate and retain any personal information you provide to me. It applies to any dealings I have with you as a client or as a prospective client. If you have any questions about it or want to exercise the rights referred to in it, please contact me by email at

I am registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and have given all appropriate notifications to the Information Commissioner.

What information I collect and process about you

When you are a client or a prospective client of mine, I may collect and process information relevant to the services which I provide, including your name, job title, organisation and contact information (postal address, email address and telephone number) and financial information.

Why I collect and process that information

I collect and process that information for legitimate purposes associated with providing the consultancy services you request me to provide (or so that we can explore whether you wish me to provide such services) and with maintaining my own accounts and records.

Communicating that information to others

Unless you give me your permission or I am required by law to do so, I will not communicate your personal information to anyone else (whether business partners, suppliers, sub-contractors or third party providers of data storage) except for the legitimate purposes I have mentioned.

When I do communicate that information to anyone else, I will ensure that they offer safeguards comparable to those set out in this privacy policy.

Retaining that information

I will not retain your personal information longer than necessary for the legitimate purposes I have mentioned or for the purposes of responding to future inquiries about the provision of consultancy services by me.

Where there is a contract between us and I have collected financial information from you, I may be obliged to retain that information for up to seven years in order to maintain proper accounts and records.

I will delete any such information which is not up to date or any longer relevant.

Your rights

You have a number of rights under data protection law. For further information on those rights you should consult the guidance of the Information Commissioner.

Any complaints you have about the performance of my duties in relation to your personal information can be directed to the Information Commissioner as well as to me.

Changes to this privacy policy

I will notify you of any future changes to this privacy policy by amending this website or, as necessary, by email.

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