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Imagine having 50% more impact at work

How much further and faster could you and your organisation go?
How much easier and more enjoyable would the journey be?
Better communication can transform your influence as a leader, manager and subject matter expert.
We all recognise excellent communicators when we encounter them.
They unpack their messages without clutter and complexity.
They have just the right mix of warmth and authority to command our attention.
They generate confidence and trigger action by reaching us emotionally as well as rationally.
Yet the insights, skills and habits that make them remarkable are learned and learnable.
And with my expert help, they can become yours.

Here’s a taste of what I’ve learned in over 25 years of coaching and advising senior leaders, key talents and their teams across industries and around the world to achieve the influence they deserve – whether that’s at particular pivotal stakeholder meeting or across a multi-year transformational project or role.

All Terrain Communications 1:16

And here’s a quick summary of the sort of work I do. My support will always be driven by your unique situation, needs and expectations. That said, it is likely that some or all of the following services will be useful – whether you are expanding or retrenching, preparing for a single pivotal stakeholder meeting or embarking on a multi-year strategic initiative.

Message Development

The value of expressing your thinking clearly and compellingly is huge. But translating deep knowledge or strong opinions into easily understood and memorable content is hard. I help you interrogate your thoughts, sifting for your strongest ideas and evidence and organising them for optimal impact.

Impact Coaching

The perfect communicator is yet to be born. However, it is possible to present an authentic yet energised and authoritative best version of yourself. I enable you to understand and leverage your natural strengths and manage whatever dilutes or detracts from your personal presence and impact.

Objection Handling

Most intelligent people can deliver a decent presentation. It is when they open for questions or are interrupted with challenges that they struggle. I teach you to decode Q&A, decipher the rational and emotional drivers behind criticism and have practical strategies to formulate effective responses and improvise when you need to.

Audience Research

What do the people you want to influence really think, expect and feel about you and your agenda? Without insight into your audience’s perceptions and priorities you will base your communication on guesswork. A trained opinion researcher and former journalist, I find out the hard truths of your situation and advise on the best way to manage and respond to them.

Wise Counsel

Leadership is lonely. Clients tell me they benefit significantly from having an expert who is on their side and available to discuss issues and ideas with as they arise. My honest but discreet support turbocharges their confidence, performance and ability to learn and move forward from both success and failure.

“Molly is exciting and scary in the best possible way! Bringing her in to work with our most senior, most set in their ways, most need of help executives is akin to a surgical communications intervention. Molly’s finely honed listening skills combined with her ability to be disarmingly honest are a powerful force for change. She able to be simultaneously supportive and challenging, making the experience of working with her like a personal SWAT team focused on ensuring impactful communication. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Senior Vice President

“Molly produced the most useful piece of internal intelligence and assistance on how to communicate with my workforce that I have ever received. Her research and insights became the cornerstone of our engagement strategy.”

Virgin Atlantic Airways

“A wise head, a strategic thinker and an excellent writer – I would definitely recommend working with Molly. Challenging and supportive in equal measure, she has helped me see the real value in how I communicate and land important messages with my team, peers and external stakeholders. Careers are about much more than one presentation. We all have a ‘brand’. Molly is great at helping you see yours and shape it to what you want it to be. I come from a deeply technical field and so the ability to explain my thinking and take people with me is often as important as the strength of my analysis itself.”

UK Board Member and International Tax Partner

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